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DJ Controller & Night Club - This is a ready-made project for creating a DJ simulator. It contains fully working DJ equipment. On which right now you can start making music mixes, or even performing at events!

In addition, the asset has a ready-made nightclub with diverse club lighting, which you can also control manually!

What's more, we've added templates for people who start dancing when the music comes on! You can easily add your own people models and your dance animations.

This version of the asset only supports the PC platform. But our store has a version for VR too

Players functionality:
In fact, they have all the basic functions for mixing tracks together:
1. Jog - Slow down and speed up a track to fit the beat to another track.
2. Play, Pause, Que - Everything is clear here. With the Que button, you can also set the cue where the track should start playing.
3. Search buttons - Scroll tracks forward and backward.
4. Next track and Previous - Switch between tracks without opening the playlist panel.
5. Reverse - Plays the track in reverse.
6. Time Mode - Switch the track time mode.
7. Jog Mode - Select CDJ or Vinil mode
8. Speed ​​Adjust - Jog sensitivity adjustment
9. Synch Pitch - Synchronization of the pitch of the player on which the music is not playing, under the pitch on which the music is playing. That is, it aligns the speed of the two tracks (Does not synchronize the start of the Bit, you will need to synchronize the Bit to the bit yourself using Jog!)
10. Pitch - Track speed
11. Master Tempo - Returns the key of the track to its original state.

Mixing console functionality:
We have a two-channel console.
Each channel has 3 sound frequency controls: Low, Middle, High.
Also controls: Trim, Faders, CrossFader, Master.

You can add your own music to the game. To do this, you need to copy your tracks to the Windows folder: YourPC / Music / DJ

Cons: We did not add the ability to use a second sound card for headphones. Maybe we will be able to add this feature in the next updates, if there is a demand for this asset.

Asset includes such models as:
1. DJ equipment (Turntables, Mixing console, Sempler)
2. Various spotlights (projectors)
3. Media screens
4. Models of night clubs
5. Fixing beams for spotlights (projectors)
6. Sound speakers (floor, suspended and on a tripod)
7. Headphones
And much more.

Information about Poly & Textures:
Head phones: Poly – 1844 / Textures 4K – Diff, Normal, Emissive, Occlusion
Table for DJ: Poly – 119
Disco Ball Big: Poly – 25646
Disco Ball Small: Poly – 7046
Display For Media: Poly – 66
Hull 1: Poly – 160
Hull 2: Poly – 272
Hull 3: Poly – 384
Hull 4: Poly – 496
Hull Arka: Poly – 864
Hull Octo Big: Poly – 7808
Hull Quad: Poly – 3904
Hull Quad Big: Poly - 3904
Laptop: Poly – 4794 / Textures 4K – Diff, AO, Normal.
Club Big: Poly – 2287 / Textures 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K. – Diff.
Night Club: Poly – 16192 / Textures 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K. – Diff.
Mixer800: Poly – 8882 / Textures 2K – Diff.
Player: Poly – 3242 / Textures 2K – Diff.
Air Speakers: Poly – 8360 / Textures 2k – Diff.
Speaker: Poly – 204 / Textures 2k – Diff.
Speaker 2: Poly – 196 / Textures 2k – Diff.
All models are low poly and optimized.

Demo Video 1:

Demo Video 2:

I hope this scene will be useful for you! Enjoy!
Good luck!

DJ Controller & Night Club (For Unity 2021)

$599.00 Regular Price
$550.00Sale Price

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