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Friends! We've made a new heads asset. 164 photo realistic models of heads. Perfect for PC, VR and mobile games.
All face textures of non-existent people. They are programmatically generated. There are different nationalities in the asset, such as:
The asset includes heads:
Men's - 106 pieces
Women's - 50 pieces
Children - 8 pieces.
Technical info:
The average number of polygons is 4110, per model.
Number of heads: 164
LODs: (No)
Number of Materials: 164
Number of Textures: 164
Texture Resolutions: 2K
Models contain only Diffuse texture.
UV Mapped.
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: (Yes)
Mac: (Yes)

Moreover, we can create any heads from your photos!
I hope this project will be useful for you! Enjoy and don't forget to rate your purchase!
Good luck!

Heads Pack for Unity

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