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Asset includes everything you need to build lowpoly cities, villages and industrial zones.Post-apocalyptic city, for example: Chernobyl and Pripyat.

Asset is ideally suited for creating such games as: STALKER, Flight Simulators, Truckers, Racing.

Here you will find an incredibly large number of models - 650 pieces!

Such as:

- Modular parts of roads.

- Modular rail parts

- Lampposts

- Power lines

- Road signs

- Traffic lights

- Village houses

- Town houses

- Roadside shops

- Hypermarket

- Garages

- Banners

- Toilets

- Hospitals

And much more!

All house models have very few poligons. They are ideal for the medium and long range.

All advertising signs are fictional.

Materials have only diffusive (Albedo) textures.

Attention! Plants and skyboxes are not included in the Asset!

Renders of all 650 models can be downloaded here:

Modular Russian Pack

$99.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price
  • Supported Development Platforms: Windows

    Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, WebGL, Android, IOS.


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