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Friends! I'm glad to present you a new improved version of the Asset! In version 2020, we added a ragdoll system to pedestrians. Now, when colliding with vehicles, people fall.

Now we have added new schemes of traffic light systems

And also worked on the bugs.
And now about the project:
If you create a quality realistic city, then this asset for you!
Asset comprises 31 lowpoly models of different transport, everyone has one LOD
and 11 models of people with 4 LODS each, necessary for the creation of urban traffic. Such as:
1. Mountainbike
2. Moped
3. GyroScooters
4. Vans
5. Motorcycle
6. Cars
7. Trucks
8. Semi
9. Buses
I want to note that the models do not have interiors.
We strive to create a better traffic system and the city's population. And we are constantly working on the project. To achieve maximum realism in the behavior of cars and pedestrians. In the future we will surprise you again and again!
I hope this project will be useful for you! Enjoy and don't forget to rate your purchase! Good luck!

Demo video:

Video - Сar Сontrol

Video - CrossRoad

Video - Car Control Night

Video - Truck & Player control

Video - Example Go Karts

Video - VR Oculus test 

Urban Traffic System Full Pack (For Unity)

  • Works since version 2019 and higher.

    Rigged: (Yes)

    Animated: (Yes)

    Number of characters: 17

    Number of Animations: 9 for Woman, 9 for Man

    Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): Hands Up, Claphands, idle-1, idle-2, Listen, Run, Talk-1, Talk-2, Walk.

    Info about polygons of models of characters:
    LOD 0 = 4930
    LOD 1 = 2466
    LOD 2 = 1478
    LOD 3 = 984
    LOD 4 = 490
    Each model has a standard set of textures:
    1. Diffuse
    2. Specular
    3. Glossiness
    4. Normal
    5. Mask

    This asset supports mobile platforms, but provided that there is a small number of cars and pedestrians in the scene. Otherwise, weak phones simply can not withstand as many polygons. 
    Since, all the low-poly model, but have a high quality textures. Moreover, all cars have the LOD. 

    Supported Development Platforms: Windows

    Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, WebGL, Android, IOS.


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