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"Urban Vehicle System" - Great solution for PC and Mobile games!
Yes! It has mobile controls!
If you want to create a game in the GTA genre, or racing in the Drag racing or Drift racing genre, then this asset is just for you! Because we added a scene with a racing track to the project, which has the mission of passing a lap against the clock!

Now about the project:
You control a character from a third person (there are three of them to choose from), and you can freely get into any car and drive it.

About asset models:
The asset consists of 44 low poly models of various vehicles, as well as 3 types of characters. And one racing track

1. Characters
2. Cars
3. Police
4. Firetruck
5. Ambulance
6. Taxi
7. Trucks
8. School Bus
9. City bus
10. Intercity bus
11. Mini bus
12. Courier bus
13. Trailers for a truck for transporting gasoline, there are 2 of them.
14. Trailer for cargo truck.
15. Truck trailer.
16. Trailer for transporting wooden logs.
17. Trailer for cars for transporting yachts 1.
18. Trailer for cars for transportation of motorcycles.
19. Trailer - Camper.
You can attach all trailers to trucks and cars.

About lighting system:
Each car and trailer has a whole set of lighting:
1. Fog lights
2. Parking lights
3. Dipped and high beam headlights
4. Emergency lights
5. Turn signals
6. Reverse
7. Flashers (for police, firetruck, ambulance)

About vehicle visuals:
1. Cars have particulate smoke from under the wheels when braking
2. Traces on the asphalt from the wheels when braking
3. Silencer smoke particles
4. Fire from silencers when the Boost button is pressed
5. Damage to the car body upon impact. As well as restore at the click of a button.

About vehicle sound effects:
1. The sound of braking car wheels
2. Engine sound
3. Car acceleration sound (Boost)
4. Sound of body damage on impact
5. Reversing sound for buses and trucks
6. Trailer hitch sound
7. Sound signal (horn)
8. Siren sound (for police, firetruck, ambulance)
9. Gearshift sound.

About car physics:
You can control the transmission, independently choose which wheels will be driving:
1. Front wheel drive
2. Rear wheel drive
3. Four-wheel drive.
There are also flexible settings for the engine and gearbox, suspension, brake system and steering system.
As for the physics of the car, I will not say that it is 100% realistic, rather it is arcade control. But there are all the settings, working on which, you can achieve the control that you need!

About textures and polygons:
Each human model contains approximately 5k polygons.
Each car model contains approximately 4k - 10k polygons.
All models have LODs!
Cars model has a standard set of textures from 256 to 4096 pixels:
1. Diffuse
2. Reflection
3. Gloss
4. Normal
5. Spec
6. Ambient Oclussion.
About adding your vehicle and character:
We have developed detailed PDF documentation on how to set up transport physics, as well as how to add your own models. All tutorial documentation is in the asset.
Moreover, there are empty prefabs for various types of vehicles.

Now the models do not have interiors and the doors do not open (only a black primitive interior). But behind the glass this is not visible. But we will add interiors, and opening doors and animation of the character entering the car, if the asset is in demand.
The project has 3 scenes:
1. Day
2. Evening
3. Night.

The project is fully configured for PC and Mobile platform.

Urban Vehicle System (For Unity 2022)

$399.00 Regular Price
$379.00Sale Price
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